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s of furniture an◆d home appl○iances. Th●ey were used by● the media only d■uring the 〓Olympic Games 〓and are almost new.〓 They also ■meet Olympic standa○rds of qualit○y and environmental〓-friendliness.Liu

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〓 Xulin, Deputy Di○rector of Beijing J●iahe Intern●ational Aucti●on Co. said○ "T


hese pieces of■ furniture use ◆wood with low-levels〓 of formaldehyde. ●They are environ〓mentally-frie●ndly, have〓 no smell, and do ○not damage○ people's health○. In addition〓, they look◆ good."One〓 Beijing resid〓ent said "Although t◆hese items don't ◆seem differe●nt from those on ◆

the street■, in 20 to 3■0 years, they will b◆e a kind of○ Beijing Olym●pic souven〓ir."The item●s are now bein○g sorted and c■ounted. And t○heir opening price○s will be fixed af○ter an eval◆uation.Xiong◆ Yan, Diector 〓of Beijing ◆Equity Exch〓ange said "The openi◆ng prices of ordinar○y items will be a l◆ittle lower than ●new ones. After● all, they're us■ed. Souvenirs m〓ay be much mo○re expensive, becaus◆e they have c〓ultural, histor●ica

l and collectible◆ value.

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They ar●e a carrier of ○the Beijing Oly○mpics legacy●."The first batc〓h of Olymp


ic 〓items was used by ■the Beijing Orga〓nizing Com◆mittee when it a●pplied to hos●t the Games. The● 14-hundred■ pieces of items ne○arly a decade old w●ere auction○ed with a com○bined opening p●rice of 39-h○undred yuan. But the〓 pieces were eventu●ally bought ●for a total● of 23-thousan○d yuan.The weather■'s heating up in〓 Beijing, and so ●are prices for refri〓gerators. Despite ●the sales arou●nd town, store◆ clerks say refrig◆erator pr

ice■s are indeed hig〓her than t◆hose of last year.Pr●ice hikes for stee〓l and oil and the Ch●inese yuan's co〓ntinued appreci◆ation have pushed ●up the prices of● home appli■ances in Chi◆na.Ding Lan, ■Suning Electronics ◆said "The prices■ of about 90○ percent of all■ refrigerators● have increa◆sed. And they've gr●own 4 to 6 ●percent."A me◆dium-priced refr●igerator costs ab●out 4000 yuan○. A 5 percent incre〓ase means cus◆tomers have to ?/p>

駊ay 200 yuan mor■e for t

he same prod○uct. The Chin◆a Home Elect■ronics Appliance Ass●ociation says pric●es for home a●pplian

es desks, b◆e

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ces have incre○ased 15 pe●rcent since the s●tart of the〓 year. And■ prices for kitch●en appliances have s○een hikes of ◆up to 30 p〓ercent.Xu Do●ngsheng, De●puty Chief S○ecretary of CHEAA sa●id "The price hik●es can be at●tributed to the ●higher cost● of raw material●s and logisti〓cs."To attract cus●tomers, many〓 home applia■


nce manufacturers 〓have added● more func●tions to their 〓products and given ■their appl〓iances new look■s.One shopper said "■If the price is acc〓eptable, I am ●okay with the new◆ functions.● But if th○e functions aren◆'t practical and a■re very expensive○, I won't buy it.

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